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Fall is here and winter is only a few short weeks away. With the days getting shorter and night becoming more involved in your operations, the lighting solution you select is more important than ever.

Whether indoors or outdoors, daily use or setting up field operations, finding the correct lighting systems for your application is integral to the safety and productivity of your team. Whatever your mission, Western Shelter has the right lighting solutions for you.

Shelter Lighting

We work with two main types of lighting fixtures at Western Shelter, LED and Fluorescent. Depending on your needs, there are pros and cons to both. 



LEDs are by far the most efficient shelter lighting option, they are also extremely durable, since a fixture will continue to work even if one or more LEDs goes out due to failure or damage. Toughness and efficiency come at a price though, that is why we continue to offer fluorescent shelter lights as a cost-effective alternative to LED systems. Fluorescent lights are slightly less rugged than LEDs, but still have what it takes to with stand the demands of multiple deployment cycles. 

         Fluorescent Tactical Lighting System with optional Dimmer Sleeve

         Fluorescent Tactical Lighting System with optional Dimmer Sleeve

                                        LED Stringable Shelter Light

                                        LED Stringable Shelter Light

LED Shelter Lights provide roughly the same amount of illumination as our 36 watt Fluorescent Shelter Lights, while only using 16.8 watts. This difference in efficiency means that LED Shelter Lights only require half as much fuel as Fluorescent Shelter Lights, and allow you to run an operation with smaller generators.

The difference between these two will come down to efficiency vs. cost savings. We offer both LED and fluorescent string-able tube lights to fit your needs. Both offer easy and convenient set-up and can be ordered with our patented dimmer sleeve to fit a multitude of applications. Contact your regional Western Shelter sales manager to determine which lighting option is right for you


Scene Lighting

Exterior lighting can help when establishing a camp or conducting operations late into the night. We offer a variety of scene lighting sources that can help with visibility in a situation where speed, portability, and hands-free solutions are necessary. 

For more information on our selection of scene lighting from FoxFury, visit our previous blog post.


Special Requirements

Don’t see the exact items you are looking for? We have access to a variety of other lighting solutions that may be just the answer for you. Use the form below to request more information or let us know how we can help.


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