Costa Rica Fuerza Pública

Western Shelters are utilized by law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world, including Costa Rica's Fuerza Publica. They recently purchased two of our systems to be used by border protection teams as command and control and billeting shelters.

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Shelter Training

Training is critical to the success of your mission. That is why Western Shelter offers training programs as stand alone courses, and as optional packages when you purchase a shelter systems. Our team of trainers have decades of experience in field operations, and excel at teaching individuals at all skill levels.

Public Safety Shelter Deployment

Gatekeeper 2360 Shelter

With 1,274 square feet of useable space the 2360 takes our tried and true stretched octagon design to the extreme. As the largest shelter in the Gatekeeper line the 2360 offers extensive flexibility, with applications ranging from mess halls, to large sleeping areas, to hospital wards. In this case Fuerza Publica will be using their 2360 as a billeting shelter with room for up to 80 personnel in a bunkbed configuration.

Large shelter frame

Despite its significantly larger size deploying a 2360 Shelter is similar to setting up a Gatekeeper 1935. We designed the 2360 so that the weight of each component is limited, this ensures that the average person can safely and effectively participate in setup.

Shelter Deployment training 2
turnkey shelter packaging

As with all Gatekeeper Shelters, 2360s come in durable metal cases with their support systems neatly packaged inside. Having lights and power distribution components in a turnkey system means that you only have to buy from one source, and every element works together nicely. An example of this would be our power receptacle stringer boxes (pictured above) that lock into the Gatekeeper frames to keep them off the ground and easily accessible.

Border patrol shelter interior

The 2360 interior is truly cavernous, providing room for whatever applications your mission calls for.

Inflatable command post shelter

Sentinel II

The Sentinel II is a premium airbeam shelter for short to medium term applications. This product is well suited for command and control, light medical, and small team billeting scenarios that require a rapid deployment with only a few personnel available to set it up. 

Inflatable command shelter

The Sentinel II deploys in only a few minutes, and is designed to be equipped with the same electrical, climate control, and lighting systems as the Gatekeeper Shelter line.

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