Tool Storage Containers

Custom projects are our specialty, and the Western Shelter Mobility team just finished up another one. These Tool Storage Containers are shipping off from our factory this week, and a great example of how our team is able to create projects catered to our customers’ unique needs. This system is headed for its new home on a US Navy ship in the Pacific Northwest.


This project involved a total of four units, two standard 20ft ISO shipping containers and two Bi-Con containers. Bi-Con units are half the size of standard containers, and are an excellent choice for applications where the container will constantly be moved, since a standard forklift can move them.


The interior of each container is completely custom fabricated, with unique features that add to the durability and comfort of the unit. Vidmar cabinets throughout the interior match the custom exterior color. The containers are outfitted with a wood slab workstation that features multiple 20-amp outlets. These units are designed with space in mind, and can be stacked up to 9 high.


At sea, humidity can be an issue that can add unnecessary wear on unprotected components. This system is outfitted with A/C units for a complete climate controlled environment. Custom interior framework was completed in order to achieve an R-13 insulation value.

To increase efficiency of the system, occupancy sensors are added and control the LED lighting throughout. Each container also includes an expandable internal power distribution system, complete with an external safety switch.

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