Aidex 2018

This past week, the Western Shelter team was in Brussels, Belgium, exhibiting at AidEx 2018. It was great to talk with partners about what we can provide to the international humanitarian aid market, as well as see the unique things that other companies are doing in this space.


We were fortunate to have the opportunity to talk about our products with the United States Ambassador to Belgium, Ronald Gidwitz.


foreign aid market

More than $145 billion was spent worldwide on humanitarian aid in 2017, with the numbers increasing in 2018 and expected to increase even more next year. The number of NGOs, non-profits, and charities participating in this space is growing, and bilateral and multilateral aid between countries is rising as well.

Oodah Clinic copy.jpg

A wide variety of Western Shelter products are well-suited for the humanitarian market. Our standard line of Western Shelters make excellent choices for centralized command centers in relief situations, and we also are able to offer several different models of cost-effective relief tents with the capability of quickly shipping these anywhere in the world.

WS relief Tents

Our line of family tents are built to comply with international standards for the sheltering of displaced people. These tents have numerous benefits:

  • High quality

  • Cost effective

  • Waterproof, rotproof

  • Fire resistant

  • Compliant with UNHCR, ICRC/IFRC, and DFID standards


GPR Shelter


Family Tent


GPR Premium 


standard shelter line

Western Shelter products have earned a reputation for legendary ruggedness and reliability in some of the most austere conditions around the world. The superior weather protection offered by our shelters makes them ideal for applications such as:

  • Medical facilities

  • Offices

  • Aid worker lodging

  • Storage






support systems

In addition to family tents and aid infrastructure shelters, Western Shelter provides all of the support systems and accessories necessary to run a complete camp, including:

  • Water filtration and handling

  • Power generation, distribution and lighting

  • Sanitation

  • Furnishings

WaterDist_WDK 10SKM.jpg

water systems



Jamison lights.jpg

power & lighting

E-Bed Medical treatment Bed.jpg




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