Sentry Zip-In Vestibule

Our goal with the Sentry Airframe was to make a shelter that could inflate in minutes, with limited manpower, and still stand-up to the world's harshest conditions. We wanted to make it efficient when used as a single shelter, but also quickly scalable to a large camp without the addition of many extra components.

And we did that with a single piece of vinyl.


With the Sentry Zip-In Vestibule, creating a fully enclosed customizable camp in seconds is as easy as zipping up a jacket. Simply attach the vestibule to both Sentrys, zip, and secure. This vestibule ensures you won't have to lug around extra equipment in the field, and is compatible with both the Sentry 13 and 17 models. It also adds additional usable space to the shelter. 


The Sentry is in the final stages of development and will be released very soon. Contact us below to make sure you're one of the first to get this revolutionary new shelter. 

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