Trailer Solar Package

A new solar power package is now available as an option on any of our trailer products. This unit is off to the desert where it plans to soak up the sun and power a command center in its first mission.


There are a lot of functional possibilities for a trailer with an added solar package. As a command and control operation, a solar unit could provide power for communications equipment in hard to reach areas for an extended period of time without requiring fuel. This specific system is powerful enough to run an A/C unit, which can keep a trailer cool in sweltering conditions.


This trailer features four solar roof panels connected to a power processing and storage system inside the main hub of the trailer. This 1,200 watt package kit includes:

  • Four polycrystalline 300 watt panels
  • Custom powder coated roof mount
  • Battery bank
  • DC/AC inverter

Included in the interior of this specific unit are storage racks and a unique table design that's easily stowed away to maximize usable space. Cabinets provide additional secure storage space above the foldable table. 

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