Aircraft NDI trailer


Another unique trailer is leaving the factory this week. This trailer is designed to certify welds on aircraft parts. This sort of nondesctructive inspection (NDI) testing requires specific precautions, since an X-RAY machine is involved.  We were able to custom-fabricate almost every component of this trailer to meet the customer's specifications.  

X-Ray Trailer from above.jpg

The X-RAY machine will store in the back of the trailer, accessible via a rear drop-down door. The rear of the trailer also features a significant amount of lockable storage space for additional heavy tools and equipment. The compartments are weighted to hold up to 120 lbs in each drawer. 

The operator of the X-RAY machine will work from a room at the front of the trailer, which is outfitted with protective lead curtains. The curtains are easily removed for storage and transport and are installed onto hooks sitting on a track.  


Additionally, this trailer is fitted with a cable spool at the very front of the unit's exterior. Both the cable spool cover and the flooring throughout the trailer is diamond plated.