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At Western Shelter, we've always prided ourselves on providing complete solutions, rather than just offering a piece of a larger puzzle. One of the areas that we excel at is providing systems to meet the power needs of operations large and small, in urban and remote areas. From basic extension cords to large generators that support entire field hospitals, we are able to provide it all. 

cable assemblies

We manufacture a wide range of power distribution cable assemblies, tails, and adapters. We've developed a strong supply chain for all of our cable components, meaning we have the ability to offer extremely competitive pricing, especially as part of larger systems. 

Our cables are engineered to last and perform in the toughest conditions imaginable. We custom size cables to fit any project and are able to offer expert guidance when it comes to cable planning and layout. 

Learn more about a few of our most popular cable offerings:

Power Distribution

We offer a full suite of distribution equipment, in both box and panel form. Our power distribution solutions are manufactured to be safe, convenient, and economical in the toughest situations. 

Learn more about some of our power distribution products:


Our customers require a wide range of generator sizes, and we're able to offer generators to fit practically all of those needs. This includes hand portable Honda generators all the way up to massive, custom-built generator containers to power entire field hospitals. 

Learn more about some of our more popular generator offerings:

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