National Guard Recruiting Trailers

The Western Shelter Mobility team continues to stay busy. Most recently, the team completed a pair of Air National Guard recruiting trailers. The trailers feature an identical core design but differ slightly with their configured options and appearance.

The highlight of these trailers are the easily deployable stages that can be operational with the push of a button. When deployed, these stages offer a unique experience for display at local events such as county fairs, festivals, and concerts. Combined with the onboard power generation, the stage can host video game tournaments, multiple television units displaying promotional material, and a PA system.

Washington Air National Guard Trailer

Washington Air National Guard Trailer

Missouri Air National Guard Trailer

Missouri Air National Guard Trailer


The stages are controlled by a remote that operates a mechanical winch. Both trailers include an extendable awning; WA’s trailer is mechanical while MO’s is powered. The stage is supported by six auto-level jacks, ensuring a stable fit on any terrain.

The interior of the trailers features significant cabinet storage space and electrical outlets throughout, as well as a door opposite the stage. Both trailers contain on-board power (7Kw, 220 generator) with an interior command panel.

The stage is outfitted with an all aluminum collapsible handrail system and lightweight staircase.


The trailers are identical in function, and based on a common National Guard recruiting trailer style. The Missouri trailer features a Bluetooth PA system and is fully wrapped with custom graphics. Washington’s trailer has everything they required within their budget, and plan on returning the trailer to our factory for additional features installation when funding allows.


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