Taking on the Fyre Festival

2017’s failure of the year, the Fyre Festival, has been in the news a lot lately with the release of two different documentaries about the failed music and lifestyle festival. In case you hadn’t heard, the Fyre Festival was a planned event on a remote island in the Bahamas that was supposed to be a weekend of epic partying, deluxe accommodations, gourmet food, and much more. It turned out to be less than that:


The Fyre Festival organizers seemed to neglect the whole part about planning. That got us thinking - what would it actually take to pull off the Fyre Festival’s infrastructure using mostly Western Shelter products?



WHAT: A three day remote music festival on an island in the Bahamas.

WHO: 6,000 attendees in need of food, shelter, and entertainment.

HOW: Create a camp capable of catering to the attendees needs, using a variety of Western Shelter products, keeping in mind the logistical difficulties due to the environment.


Our first deliberation was determining how to house the 6,000 attendees. At the Fyre Festival, attendees were packed into hastily constructed spherical tents with minimal protection from the elements.


We decided on both a standard and premium option for housing.

Standard Option:

(2,500) Bell Tents - 2 Persons per tent

Stylish and practical Bell tents will house the majority of attendees. These tents are easy to erect and will comfortably house two attendees for the festival with luxury mattresses inside.


Premium Option:

(500) GPR “Grand Lodge” Edition - 2 Persons per tent

This tent is our choice for the premium edition due to the significant square footage allotment each individual will receive. There is plenty of room for activities inside the tent, which will come fully furnished with island decor.

Food and Dining

Attendees at the Fyre Festival were promised a “culinary experience”, but ultimately left with cold styrofoam plates that didn’t really satisfy anyone due to the lack of infrastructure. Western Shelter creates several products that could indeed provide patrons with a culinary experience (when combined with a trained chef).


(8) Kitchen Containers

Western Shelter Kitchen Containers are designed with ease of use, durability, and energy efficiency in mind. 8 units will supply enough meals for the 6,000 festival-goers, 3 times per day with minimal waiting.


(4) 40x80 Gable Tents

Social media was flooded with Fyre Festival patrons eating their cold cheese sandwiches outside and in the elements, due to the very limited seating. 12,800sqft of covered seating space will provide more than enough room for individuals dining on a casual basis.


(8) Tap Trailers + (8) Kitchen Carts

Our tap trailers are built to keep beer cold, and 8 tap trailers with 10 taps each (5 on each side of the trailer) makes for 80 total taps to keep lines to the absolute minimum. Many of the attendees will be interested in mixed drinks; our in-house fabricated kitchen carts can be turned into an efficient mixing station. The tap trailer plus kitchen cart combo makes for a complete beverage solution that can be strategically placed throughout the festival.


The Fyre Festival organizers attempted to operate the entire festival from a rented on-site house. Check-in, concierge, and medical services were spread out (if in-existence at all).

(10) GateKeeper 1935

Our trusted and true GateKeeper 1935 is the perfect choice for operations in this environment. GateKeepers can be used for check-in, information, security, and more. 10 shelters should adequately service the needs of a festival of this size.

(1) METS Trailer + (1) GateKeeper 2360

The Mobile Emergency Treatment System has the capacity to serve as the main medical treatment center for all attendees. Due to the remote island festival environment, there is the possibility for heat exhaustion, alcohol poisoning, scrapes and bruises, and more. The system is fully capable of handling the most of severe medical cases too, and the additional GateKeeper 2360 has the capabilities of fitting approximately 20 hospital beds.


With 6,000 festival-goers on a remote island for a few days, hygiene becomes important. While the Fyre Festival may not have given it any thought, our recommendation would be to equip the island with several shower and bathroom containers.

(50) Shower Containers

Each Western Shelter shower container is equipped with 4 shower heads and 2 changing areas. This makes for 200 showers, or 1 shower head for every 30 people. With an average shower time of 10 minutes per attendee, this provides enough coverage to ensure cleanliness and adequate hygiene.

(70) Bathroom Containers

Bathroom containers are the number 1 choice for festival attendees looking to go number 2. Each mobile restroom container features four toilets and two sinks. With the recommended 70 units, attendees would have 280 private toilets to choose from.


Attendees will want to be able to exercise and recover from long nights of festivities. Our off-the-shelf StrongBox gym containers will make for an excellent choice to allow festival-goers the opportunity to unwind and burn off some of the calories from the culinary experience.

(4) StrongBox R.S.T.S. Island Edition

Four StrongBox container units will be enough for the percentage of attendees interested in maintaining a fitness routine while at the festival.


(2) Sauna Containers

Our mobility team excels when it comes to creating custom projects. Two sauna containers will be placed on the island to allow revelers the opportunity to sweat it out, without lifting weights. Sauna use will be by appointment only.

Although this post was all in good fun, most of the products presented here are serious solutions to real world challenges in remote locations. If you or your organization have a similar need, please contact our sales team for more information on how Western Shelter can assist you with your project.