Complete Camp infrastructure

Creating complete camp solutions is in our DNA. Having our soft-sided shelter and mobility operations under one roof means we have the capabilities to build everything needed for large man camps at a singular facility.

After our post about the Fyre Festival from a few weeks ago, we wanted to take the same idea and apply it to a real world solution. Please keep in mind that the following numbers are general estimates, and that you should contact one of our sales managers to get the most accurate information on the infrastructure needed for your project.



Several scenarios call for the creation of large camps. Our shelters have been used in camps that aid in the response to natural disasters or emergencies where sometimes the mission lasts months or years.

Western Shelters also have been used as remote workforce camps. Natural resource mining and exploration typically requires setup in remote environments, and our shelters and mobility products are built for these conditions.

*For the purpose of this exercise, the calculations used to determine requirements are based on the OSHA Temporary Labor Camp Standards and represent projects lasting three months. Therefore, containerized and trailerized options will be considered for some applications where we also offer soft-sided solutions. Projects with shorter timelines may not be subject to these specific OSHA requirements and thus require less infrastructure.


Regardless of how many personnel work and live in the camp, these are the core components that any operation will require. All personnel require housing, hygiene, food and dining, and medical services. The addition of office space and recreational activities can make a remote workplace even more hospitable.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.01.47 AM.png

General large camp set-up.


All remote work operations will require housing. Whether it’s for a crew of 10 or 10,000, personnel need a place to sleep at night. In most cases, this is accomplished in the form of soft-sided shelters.

Requirements per OSHA (50sqft per person):

  • 20 Person - 1,000sqft

  • 100 Person - 5,000sqft

  • 500 Person - 25,000sqft


GateKeeper 1935


20 Person - 2

100 Person - 9

500 Person - 44

GateKeeper 2360


20 Person - 1

100 Person - 4

500 Person - 20



Hygiene is a basic category that encompasses a lot of different needs. Showers and restrooms are required, both of which require water distribution. Laundry is also typically included in this category.


20 Person - 1 Double Field Shower, 1 Double Field Toilet + 1 Washer/Dryer Combo

A 20 person camp requires 2 shower heads, 2 toilets and 1 washer/dryer combo. A camp of this size is small enough to use our portable field showers in combination with a double stall relief station field toilet.

100 Person - 5 Sanitation Containers + 1 Laundry Container

(5) Sanitation Containers will provide a camp with 10 toilets and 10 shower heads. Adding a laundry container for this larger camp makes sense given the volume of laundry coming through and to satisfy the OSHA requirement of having 1 Washer/Dryer per 30 people. Western Shelter Laundry Containers are built with 6 each.

500 Person - 25 Sanitation Containers + 3 Laundry Containers

This being a significantly larger operation, (25) Sanitation Containers will be required to supply the 50 toilets and 50 shower heads. Fortunately, 18 washers and 18 dryers will be enough to supply the whole camp with clean laundry, which can be contained within (3) Laundry Containers.


Food and dining requirements are accomplished through structures dedicated to serving and dining and units dedicated to food handling and production. Typically the serving/dining portion is a soft-sided shelter while the food production units are either soft-sided or container based.


20 Person - GateKeeper 1935 + Kitchen Cart

For a small camp, a kitchen cart inside a GateKeeper 1935 will be enough to satisfy meal requirements.

100 Person - 1 Kitchen Containers

One kitchen container will be able to feed a 20 person camp with ease. Each unit contains a 6 burner stove, sink, freezer, refrigerator, amongst many other components that create a complete kitchen in the field.

500 Person - 5 Kitchen Containers

5 kitchen containers will provide a cooking staff with a total of 30 burners for meal preparation.



Medical requirements and services will vary significantly based on the size of the camp, location of the deployment, and the nature of the work performed. In certain cases, soft-sided shelters or even pop-ups will be suitable to meet the needs of the camp, but larger camps with long durations may require field-hospitals.

20 Person - Sentry or Ruggedized Pop-Up + Medical Components

For small camps, a Sentry or Ruggedized Pop-Up with first aid supplies could serve as a medical tent. We manufacture a wide range of medical components that easily turn this shelter into a treatment center.

100 Person - GateKeeper 20

One GateKeeper 20 with medical supplies should suffice as a treatment center for a camp of up to 100. Multiple 20s could be used in conjunction with each other should the requirements grow.

500 Person - Level I Field Hospital or Mobile Trauma Trailer System (depending on situation)

Large camps with long deployments require much more infrastructure, and in many cases an actual field hospital may be warranted. A Level I Field Hospital offers basic field support for up to 600 people according to the UN standards. The MTTS is a system designed for mobility. It’s a 53’ trailer that is staffed with 7 patient rooms and everything needed to provide medical care to a large group of people.


Like several of the other categories, offices can be either containerized, trailerized, or soft-sided depending on the size requirements and length of the job. The accommodations for office space for this will vary dramatically due to specific requirements for each job, so please reach out to us if you need more specific information.


20 Person - GateKeeper 1935

A 20 person camp is typically small enough where soft-sided shelters can be used for office space.

100 Person - Containerized Office Unit

Our Containerized Office Units feature all the amenities of a modern office, but in the field. These can be outfitted with communications equipment and technology to help efficiently run an operation.

500 Person - Multiple Containerized Office Units

The office space requirements for a large camp will vary significantly based on what the role of the camp is. However, Containerized Office Units can easily be arranged together to form larger workstations in order to offer all functions of an office.

Recreation (optional)

Lastly, camps could benefit from having some sort of recreation for personnel. There are several options for this based on camp size.


20 Person - 10’ StrongBox

Our BiCon StrongBox unit features enough space for multiple individuals to be working out together at the same time.

100 Person - 20’ StrongBox

A 20’ StrongBox unit features four squat rocks, plus multiple pull up bars and accessories. Up to 100 people could work out on a 20’ StrongBox at different points throughout the day.

500 Person - (3) 20’ StrongBox

Three 20’ StrongBox units would satisfy the need of 500 individuals working out. These units could be stationed together or at different locations throughout the camp.

Larger camps?

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