Ruggedized Pop-Up

Summer operations often take place in locations with intense heat and baking sun. Come fall, that heat is replaced by rain. Sometimes, a bit of shade or cover is all that’s needed if it’s not too hot or cold, but you just need to get out of the elements.

The Ruggedized Pop-Up is an excellent shelter to add to your arsenal for deployments in this type of situation, as it’s built to the same standards as our entire shelter line, while offering a small footprint and near instant deployment capability.



Rugged Construction

The Western Shelter Ruggedized Pop-Up isn’t your big box store pop-up shelter. It’s built to the same specifications of our entire shelter line, and is designed to last year after year, and deployment after deployment.


Both the Standard and Heavy Duty Ruggedized Pop Up are built to last. The Heavy Duty version features additional upgrades such as slightly thicker hexagonal leg extrusions, fiberglass fittings instead of ABS, reinforced oval truss bars, and oversized aluminum feet.

Custom Printing

Custom printing is available on all models of the Ruggedized Pop-Up. Printing is available on the side panels as well as the roof panels. Add your logo to the Ruggedized Pop-Up to really make it pop this summer.

PicnicPopUp (1).jpeg

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