We designed the StrongBox Ruggedized Strength Training System to stand up to the rigors of repeated reps and deployments. Fully customizable to fit any application, the StrongBox can accommodate several athletes at a time. 

features and benefits

An all-in-one performance locker solution

The StrongBox is complete with every piece of equipment needed in order to get a full workout. With pull-up bars, squat racks, wall-ball targets, box jump platforms and much more, it's a turnkey performance locker that can be placed practically anywhere. 

Secure in any situation

The StrongBox is designed so that all of the additional equipment not directly attached to the container can be stored and locked inside the container when not in use. The container's interior maximizes storage space with the addition of barbell racks and more. Simply lock the container and walk away. 

Designed with customization in mind

Every usable inch of the StrongBox is fully customizable to meet the exact specifications of your project. Our design team can customize the StrongBox to fit specific training plans, ensuring you get the most out of the RSTS. 



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