Shipping Container Gym

Strongbox container gym

We designed the StrongBox Ruggedized Strength Training System to stand up to the rigors of repeated reps and deployments. This shipping container gym is ready for action in even the toughest terrain, and comes complete with everything needed to get your fitness operation going.

features and benefits


The StrongBox is complete with every piece of equipment needed in order to get a full workout. With pull-up bars, squat racks, wall-ball targets, box jump platforms and much more, it's a turnkey fitness solution that can be placed practically anywhere. Setup is easy, requiring minimal manpower and basic tools.


Created from an ISO standardized shipping container, the StrongBox was built for transport - whether by land, sea, or air. Our patent pending design makes transportation and setup of the StrongBox easy. Since only the container itself requires stability (rather than the container and arms), deployment time is minimized - this means more time for maxing out.


The StrongBox is built so that all of the additional, included equipment that is not directly attached to the container can be stored and locked inside the unit when not in use. The container's interior maximizes storage space with the addition of barbell and storage racks. Simply lock the container and walk away. 


Every usable inch of the StrongBox is configurable, and can be designed to meet the exact specifications of your project. Whether you’re a battalion training for the Army Combat Fitness Test or a gym owner looking to maximize space for your members, our team can help you make sure you get the most out of the R.S.T.S. 

available sizes

R.S.T.S. 20’

R.S.T.S. 10’

What’s included


• Pullup Station
• Climbing Wing
• Climbing Tower
• Dip Bar
• Jump Platform
• Grappler Attachment
• Wall Ball Target
• Safety Squat Arm Set
• J-Cup Set
• Squat Station
• Battle Rope
• Medicine Ball Set


• Kettle Ball Set
• Olympic Lifting Bar
• Olympic Bumper Plate Set
• Collar Sets
• Mobility Bands
• Utility Bench
• Gymnastic Ring Set
• Sand Bags
• Foam Roller
• Lacrosse Ball
• Jump Rope

acft kits

We also have the capability of supplying equipment needed for the upcoming Army Combat Fitness Test. ACFT kits contain everything needed to train for, test, and score the ACFT. Each kit contains equipment to supply one lane of testing.

ACFT Testing Equipment

  • (1) Hexagon Barbell

  • (1) Hi-Temp Bumper Plate Pkg - 550lbs
    - (4) 10lb plates
    - (2) 15lb plates
    - (2) 25lb plates
    - (8) 45lb plates

  • (1) Barbell Collar Pair

  • (1) Nylon Sled w/ Pull Strap

  • (1) 10lb Rubber Medicine Ball

  • (2) 40lb Kettlebell

  • (1) Measuring Tape



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