Western Shelter's medical systems bring modern healthcare anywhere. When outfitted with state of the art equipment, our facilities offer an extensive range of capabilities to hospitals, first responders, and medical practitioners. No matter how remote the location, or severe the weather, these systems can recreate controlled and sterile environments for you to help the people who need it the most.


Medical Applications


Mobile Clinics

Whether serving a neighborhood for seasonal flu vaccinations or a city for response and recovery to a large scale emergency, our systems are well suited for use as mobile medical clinics. With shelters and components that are easily erectable and mobile, a full service clinic can be set up in hours, and moved to another location just as quickly.

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Event Medical

Our line of shelters and components are well suited for event medical applications. Rapid inflatable shelters can work well for finish-line medical treatment for races big and small, while GateKeeper shelters are ideal for large scale festivals or gatherings. Our turnkey systems allow for scalable solutions for sporting events, concerts, county fairs, and much more.

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Emergency Room Surge Capacity and Triage

Our shelters offer the dual ability to add to an existing hospital's ER or surgical capacity, or function in the field as stand alone units. Shelters can be used to manage patient flow outside of the building during major incidents or disease outbreaks. Full service emergency rooms can be established to add to existing ER capacity during periods of high demand, or provide for continuity of business while a permanent facility undergoes renovations.


Field Hospitals

Western Shelter Field Hospitals are complete medical facilities capable of operation in practically any environment. Our field hospital systems can be used when an existing hospital is rendered inoperable, in cases of extreme demand, or to bring medical care closer to patients in the event of a major disaster. Our systems are highly scalable, from a small clinic to a full service facility, with dedicated units for pharmacies, laboratories, X-ray, imaging, dental care, and virtually any other medical specialty. These field hospitals are also available for military applications.


Infectious Disease Isolation

Western Shelter quarantine/isolation stations are portable, simple to erect, and easy to manage.  We design the interiors of these facilities to closely resemble a brick and mortar hospital in order to reduce stress on patients and staff. With areas for donning and doffing of personal protective equipment, separate staff and patient entries, full hygienic services and other important features, our isolation shelters are intended to provide everything needed to respond quickly and efficiently to an infectious disease outbreak. 


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