Challenge Everything

Western Shelter has supported life in the face of adverse conditions since 1988. We are dedicated to building the toughest shelters and field support systems on the market, and pride ourselves on providing safe and comfortable working environments for our customers around the globe. The Western Shelter System has been proven to reliably support field applications that range from temporary housing camps, bases of operation, mobile field hospitals, and many more.

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Shelter Systems


Ruggedness, weather resistance, and long term reliability are the defining traits of everything that bears the Western Shelter name. We offer a wide range of shelter types and sizes to provide you with the right tool for your mission, whatever that may be. Each of our shelters is manufactured with high quality materials, and a close attention to detail in our American production facility. 


Latest News From Western Shelter

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FEMA Approved

Used exclusively by FEMA (US&R), and HHS (DMAT) teams in response to every major disaster since 1992, our shelter systems provide turn-key solutions that are interoperable with other Western Shelters during multi-agency events.


Support Systems

Sustaining operations in the field requires far more than shelter alone. That is why Western Shelter offers a full suite of support systems and accessories to compliment our shelter lines. Power, lighting, climate control, furnishings and sanitation are all critical to the comfort and effectiveness of your personal. Our support systems have been carefully designed and selected to match the quality and ruggedness of our shelters.