All of our distribution boxes and panels are built to withstand the challenging demands of field operations. Our power distribution systems are designed to work seamlessly with the Western Shelter equipment that you already use.




Spider Box

The Spider Box is the safest, most convenient and economical way to provide electrical power to portable power tools, temporary lighting systems, and other job site electrical requirements. 

Rubber Boxes

These power distribution boxes are made using a high impact resistant injection molded weatherproof rubber enclosure. It features a strong carrying handle and a built in stackable mounting base for ground clearance and stability. 

Splitter Boxes

Splitter Boxes are NEMA Type 3r weatherproof for outdoor use. These high quality output devices are available in 100 Amp - 400 Amp configurations, with a built-in stackable mounting base. 



power panels.png

Power Panels

Western Shelter offers several different series of portable power distribution panels ranging from 50 amps through 1200 amps. Each series is designed to our high quality standards and built to withstand abuse due to transportation and daily usage. 



2-Wheel Distribution Panel Carts

Distribution Panels are designed to act as the feeder for the smaller spider type boxes of wired for powering large equipment.  Either a large generator or another large power source may power them.


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