General Purpose Shelters

As the workhorses of our product line, General Purpose Shelters can be used in a wide variety of applications. These portable structures setup in minutes and can remain in use for months on end.


For almost 30 years Western Shelter's tried and true GateKeeper design has been one of the most rugged, reliable, and versatile shelter systems on the market. With an extensive suite of purpose built accessories, GateKeepers can be outfitted for any mission in any climate.


The Guardian Shelter Series builds upon the rugged dependability of the GateKeeper line with a few key modifications to make it even more weather resistant. With a seamless single piece cover set this shelter is well equipped for longterm deployments in wet and windy environments.

AirFrame™ Shelters

Built for rapid protection from the elements, our Airframe™ Shelters require minimal manpower to deploy and are ideal for short term protection from the sun or the rain.


Fast, lightweight, and inherently modular, the all new Sentry Airframe™ Shelter is well suited for a variety of applications where speed is paramount and manpower is limited.



Quick and easy to deploy, the Sentinel Airframe™ Shelter Series is best utilized for applications that call for a rapid setup with minimal manpower. The Sentinel series is available in multiple configurations and sizes to fit your budget and application.

Heavy Duty

Built to last for years, heavy duty shelters offer many of the benefits of permanent structures, with a faster setup time, and the ability to redeploy to other sites.

Containerized Shelters

Shipping container based systems are an excellent choice for medium to long term applications.

Container Roofs

Container Roofs are a cost effective means of providing permanent cover over a large area.

Relief Shelters

These cost-effective shelters provide protection from the elements and a sense of security to popoulations that have been displaced by natural or man made disasters.

Modular Relief Home

The Modular Relief Home (MRH) series offers an affordable medium to long term solution for housing families displaced by disasters.

GPR Premium 

The GPR Premium is our most versatile relief shelter with three available sizes, a range of applications, and the ability to adapt to different climate zones.

GPR Shelter

GPR Shelters come in two sizes and can be connected together to form an even larger shelter. 

Family Tent

This cost-effective shelter meets the UNHCR Family Tent Standard and can accommodate a family of five individuals for up to a year.