About Western Shelter

Since 1988, Western Shelter has been dedicated to building the toughest shelters and field support systems on the market. Our shelters are designed to protect life in the world's toughest conditions, while still providing a safe and comfortable working environment. 

Our product line is built around a series of ridged and inflatable framed shelters in a variety of sizes and trim levels to meet the needs of the mission. These shelters are supported by a suite of accessories that cover climate control, power generation, water handling for remote operations, and more. We also manufacture customized trailers systems and container-based field hospitals that are designed to withstand the most austere environments. 

Western Shelters have become the preferred choice for the disaster and medical response communities, with FEMA US&R teams using them exclusively in response to every major hurricane over the past 24 years. 

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We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our constantly growing team. If you are interested in a career with Western Shelter, please see our current openings, and email your resume and cover letter to careers@westernshelter.com.












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One Company, Three Brands

Western Shelter is one of three sister brands dedicated to providing high quality equipment and gear.


Western Shelter

Since 1988 Western Shelter Systems has been the leading provider of innovative solutions for the challenges of field operations. From disaster and emergency medical response to military and commercial field operations, our shelter systems are trusted for their strength and reliability.



CrewBoss was forged in the great western wildfires, where grueling conditions called for gear that could stand up to thick brush and intense heat for weeks on end. Over the last three decades we have answered that call, providing quality protective clothing with legendary toughness, and surprising levels of comfort.



Mobility means the freedom to operate anywhere around the world, no matter how severe the conditions. Our experienced fabricators and craftsman build self-sustaining systems that are outfitted to meet your specific needs. Let your imagination run wild designing your own spec, or ask us about our turnkey solutions for your application.