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Container Roof kits

If you’re looking for a cost effective means of providing permanent cover over a large area, a shipping container roof kit can be an excellent solution. Western Shelter is an authorized distributor of Podroof Container kits. These turnkey kits mount on standard shipping containers, and can be assembled with basic tools.

Western Shelter now offers Container Roofs available for sale directly through our online store.

Features and benefits

  • Made in America with American steel

  • Backed by a 20 year guarantee

  • Designed for quick and easy construction

  • All kits are 20 feet length and attach to two shipping containers

  • Length is infinitely scalable by adding additional containers and kits

  • Can be disassembled, transported and re-assembled

  • Roof attaches to container pin points for a secure connection

  • Require no footings or approval in most cases

  • Most kits rated for 70 mph, exposure C and 25 pounds/square foot snow load

  • Higher wind and snow ratings can be requested for specific projects

  • Standard acrylic galvalume finish or choice of 14 paint colors for roof, trim and gutters

Stand alone Applications

  • Vehicle and equipment storage

  • Workshop and maintenance space

  • Agricultural

Complete Systems

Container Roof Kits can also be paired with our Containerized Shelters to create mission specific systems. 

  • Turnkey mobile medical clinics

  • Complete kitchen and dining facilities

  • Custom storage and maintenance

  • Vehicle checkpoints

Container Roof Models

Western Shelter Container Shelter Roof Gable 20 Part CN-BG2036

Gable 20 — Starting at $4,815.00

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Part Number CN-GB2036

Mount location: outside edge

Dimensions(overall): 20' x 36'

Dimensions (covered): 20' x 20'

Useable area: 400 ft²

Wind rating: 70 mph

Snow load: 25 lbs per ft²

Weight: 2,646 lbs

Gable 40 — Starting at $7,605.00

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Part Number CN-GB2056

Mount location: outside edge

Dimensions(overall): 20' x 56'

Dimensions (covered): 20' x 40'

Useable area: 800 ft²

Wind rating: 70 mph

Snow load: 33 lbs per ft²

Weight: 3,595 lbs

Gambrel 20 — Starting at $4,825.00

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Part Number CN-GM2036

Mount location: inside edge

Dimensions(overall): 20' x 20'

Dimensions (covered): 20' x 20'

Useable area: 400 ft²

Wind rating: 70 mph

Snow load: 25 lbs per ft²

Weight: 2,198 lbs

Gambrel 40 — Starting at $8,445.00

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Part Number CN-GM2056

Mount location: inside edge

Dimensions(overall): 20' x 40'

Dimensions (covered): 20' x 40'

Useable area: 800 ft²

Wind rating: 70 mph

Snow load: 25 lbs per ft²

Weight: 3,440 lbs

frequently asked questions

What sizes do the kits come in? 

Our standard models provide 20’ and 40’ space between the containers (inside edges). All kits are 20’ long and multiple kits can be connected end-to-end.

What do the measurements refer to? 

The width is the total span across which is from container to container. The length refers to the measurement along the containers and along the roof ridge line.

How large of a span can the kits have?

 40’ maximum space between the containers.

What are the peak heights of your kits? 

They are:






What are the slopes of your kits? 

The GB36 and GB56 gable have an approximate 2.5/12 pitch and 12 degree slope. The GM20 gambrel has a 5/12 pitch and 23 degree slope on the upper section and 7/12, 30 degree on the lower section. The GM40 gambrel has an approximate 4/12 pitch and 17 degree upper section and a 7/12, 30 degree lower section.The GB5630 has a 7/12 pitch and 30 degree slope.

Can I use multiple kits in a row to create a longer space? 

Yes. You may connect as many kits end-to-end as you like. There won’t be any gaps between the kits. For example: You will need two kits which are 20’ long each for 40’ containers.

How do the kits connect to the containers? 

We use our own bracket system to lock them into the container corner pin point holes. No welding is required.

What are the wind and snow load ratings? 

The kits come in a variety of rating options. Specific designs can be viewed by following the online step-by-step quoting/ordering process.

Are the parts weather resistant?

Yes. All parts are ready to be used outdoors and weather resistant.

Are all necessary parts provided in the kits? 

Yes. All parts needed to construct your kit and connect it to the containers will be included.

Are your instructions provided? 

Yes. Instruction manuals and diagrams are provided after an order is placed.

Do you offer optional walls for the ends? 

We expect to introduce tarp end walls in the near future.

What parts are included with the gutter option? 

Gutters and downspouts for each side, end caps, and all attachment parts needed.

What types of equipment could be used to construct a kit? 

Lifting equipment (i.e., bucket lift, forklift), scaffolding, and ladders.

How long does it take to construct a kit? 

The time varies depending on the quantity, type of kits, experience, weather, install location and equipment. An average for a single, small kit is one work day.

Can your kits be dis-assembled, moved and re-assembled? 

Yes. They are designed with this in mind.

Do you assemble/construct kits? 

No, we are not involved in the assembly of the kits. They’re intended to be a self-assembled kit for the end-user.

Can you help me get building approval/permitting? 

We cannot acquire permits on your behalf. We can provide information to an engineer or building department on your behalf after an order is placed.

What is your warranty? 

We offer a 20-year warranty.

What is your return policy? 

We do not accept returns due to the custom nature of our products. We’ll do everything necessary to make your kits usable as intended should there be any problem.

How are the kits packed and shipped? 

The large, structure parts are packed in bundles and shipped by flatbed truck. The small parts are palletized and shipped by common carrier (FedEx Freight, Roadrunner, etc.). We ship from multiple locations nationwide to provide the best service.

How much are the freight charges? 

Freight charges for U.S. deliveries are included in our prices.

Will the freight company unload the shipment? 

No. The drivers will not unload any orders. It’s the customer’s responsibility to unload their shipments.

How do I place an order? 

Orders can be placed on our website.

How do I order a custom kit? 

You first submit our online quote request form. We will respond with a quote which you can use to place an order using our pdf form.

how to purchase

We now offer our Container Roof Kits available to purchase at factory direct prices on the Western Shelter store. Simply visit our store, select your model and options, and complete a quick and easy checkout. Freight is included.


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