Our products have been heavily used throughout the entertainment industry in a variety of applications. Studios continue to trust our rugged products to stand up to the rigors of long days of shooting in a variety of elements. Our pop-ups and umbrellas stand in a class of their own, while we also manufacture a wide range of cables that can be used on sets. Additionally, we have experience creating custom shelters and components that have been used on TV and movie sets.


entertainment Applications

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Cables and Power Generation

We design and build a wide range of cables and assemblies that are well suited for set lighting and other industry applications. Our cables are built to withstand severe environmental conditions and will stand up to the job no matter where the shoot takes you. Whether used to power mobile communication vans, theater productions, spotlights, or sound systems, we can create the custom cable package to meet your specifications.

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On Location Shade

We have a variety of products that can provide shade for on location shoots. From larger shelters and pop-ups to our industrial umbrella, our products are fire resistant and thus offering the added element of safety in addition to shade and rain protection.

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Props and Sets

Our shelter production team has created sets for some of the biggest names in the industry. Our shelters have been seen across several networks. Western Shelter is an excellent choice when a very specific set piece is needed, whether the requirement is for a military camp, medical facility, or something else. Additionally, our sister brand CrewBoss also has experience creating historical garments for the entertainment industry.


Remote Location Support

If your shoot takes you to areas with tough natural environments, you can trust our products to create comfortable working environments for your crew. Our shelters have been trusted by militaries, emergency personnel, and disaster relief specialists in the most austere conditions across the globe, and they’re well suited for providing support to filming in those conditions as well.

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