military shelter systems

Our military grade shelter systems and products are designed to be rapidly deployable in the harshest conditions on the planet. Using a combination of our shelters, mobility products, and additional components, Western Shelter systems are an ideal choice for C2, TOC, UAV hangers, billeting, turnkey base camps, and military field hospitals. All of our shelters are available Berry Compliant, and are manufactured in ISO 9001 Certified facilities. Western Shelter is a SBA Certified Small Business.


Defense Applications

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Command and Control

Our shelters can be effectively deployed long term as Command and Control (C2) Centers, Command Posts, and Tactical Operation Centers (TOC).  Our quick-deploying, rugged shelters are an ideal choice for remote locations or difficult environments. Combined with power generation and electrical components, we offer capabilities to provide a full service operations center. 

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Military Medical Facilities

Our team has built medical facilities that range from small treatment centers to complex field hospitals. Using various combinations of trailerized, containerized, and soft-sided shelters, we create medical facilities that can be used as an emergency room, operating room, intensive care unit, primary care facility, and more. 

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Turnkey Base Camps

With various configurations available, Western Shelters can work as a great option for complete turnkey Forward Operating Bases (FOB). With rapid deployment being one of the key benefits of our soft-sided shelters, an initial base camp can be set up in hours with a limited number of personnel. 

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Our shelters can accommodate large numbers of personnel in a comfortable environment for billeting purposes. We manufacture additional items related to billeting as well, including cots, lighting solutions, and more.  


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