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Sentry Airframe™ Shelter

Fast, lightweight, and inherently modular, the all new Sentry Airframe™  Shelter is well suited for a variety of applications where speed is paramount and manpower is limited. Contact our sales team today to get a quote or schedule a demo.

Sentry Models

Western Shelter Guardian 20

Sentry 13

Dimensions: 13' x 13' x 11'1"

Useable area: 162 ft²

Weight: 131 lbs

Inflation time: 3 min

Complete setup: 10 min

Manpower required: 2 personnel

Standard color options: white or tan


Sentry 17

Dimensions: 17' x 17' x 12'11"

Useable area: 271 ft²

Weight: 168 lbs

Inflation time: 3-5 min

Complete setup: 10 min

Manpower required: 2 personnel

Standard color options: white or tan

in the field


Sentry Launch 

Sentry Zip-In Vestibule

Features and benefits

Rapidly deployable

The Sentry 13 is designed to deploy in under three minutes with only two people. No tools are required, only access to power which can be supplied via a small generator.

Complexing made easy

The Sentry is our most easily complexed shelter yet with a frameless vestibule that simply zippers into the wall openings. This design creates a useable space between shelters, and minimizes storage and transport requirements. Sentry vestibules will be compatible with both Sentry 13 and Sentry 17 models.

Easy to transport

The Sentry comes in a single carry bag with only three components. This vastly simplifies logistics, and decreases the likelihood of critical parts being lost.

Modular design

Wall panels for the Sentry attach via a heavy duty zipper and will be interchangeable between the two shelter sizes. Panels will be available in entryway, window/ducts, and solid configurations and can be ordered a la carte to suite your specific mission needs. Panels can also be left out entirely in hotter climates where only sun protection is needed.

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