Western Shelter Sentinel II System


Ready for use in under 6 minutes and available in five different sizes, the Sentinel II’s ease of deployment makes it an ideal, all purpose emergency shelter when speed is crucial. Quick to deploy and to strike, these shelters offer a short term solution to most mission needs. Its light weight, and modular form allows it to easily connect with other shelters.

Sentinel II Models

Sentinel II-3

Dimensions: 16'11" x 18'4"

Useable area: 312 ft²

Complete setup: 4 min

Manpower required: 4 personnel

Sentinel II-4

Dimensions: 24'9" x 18'4"

Useable area: 452 ft²

Complete setup: 5 min

Manpower required: 4 personnel

Sentinel II-5

Dimensions: 32'8" x 18'4"

Useable area: 603 ft²

Complete setup: 6 min

Manpower required: 6 personnel

in the field

Features and Benefits

Deploys rapidly

When a situation calls for immediate protection from the elements the Sentinel Series is the preferred choice. With a complete setup time of under 6 minutes, these shelters are ideal for emergency medical services, search and rescue, and military applications that require an exceptionally fast deployment.

Built to last

Sentinel's may only take minutes to erect, but thanks to their low pressure Airframe system, and high quality vinyl construction they can also provide protection for months at a time. 

Easy of use

The Sentinel's included electric inflation system makes setup a breeze, once a site is located and the Shelter has been place it practically deploys itself, freeing up personnel to establish additional shelters or take on other tasks.

Designed as a system

Western Shelters function well as stand alone products, but they deliver the most value when paired with our many support systems. These shelters are designed with climate control, electrical wiring, lighting, and air distribution in mind. Be sure to ask your sales representative about our complete line of accessories and support systems. 



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