Western Shelter Ruggedized Pop-up Tent

Ruggedized Pop-Up

The Ruggedized Pop-Up series compliments the standard Western Shelter product line in scenarios where a smaller footprint is required. These are not your average big box store pop-ups, our Ruggedized Pop-Up shelters are built for the demands of repeated use. The Ruggedized Pop-Up comes in three sizes, and two duty grades to meet your budget and use case needs. 

Ruggedized Pop-Up Models

Western Shelter 10x10 ruggedized pop-up tent

Ruggedized Pop-Up — 10x10

Dimensions: 10' x 10'

Useable area: 100 ft²

Complete setup: 1 min

Manpower required: 2 personnel

Western Shelter 10x15 ruggedized Pop-up tent

Ruggedized Pop-Up — 10x15

Dimensions: 10' x 15'

Useable area: 150 ft²

Complete setup: 2 min

Manpower required: 2 personnel

Western Shelter Ruggedized Pop-up tent 10x20

Ruggedized Pop-Up — 10x20

Dimensions: 10' x 20'

Useable area: 200 ft²

Complete setup: 2 min

Manpower required: 2 personnel

Ruggedized Pop-Up Options

Standard or Heavy Duty

The Standard Western Shelter Pop-Up is significantly tougher than your average pop-up tent, but in case you are looking for something even more rugged we also offer a heavy duty version. The Ruggedized Pop-Up HD utilizes slightly thicker hexagonal leg extrusions, fiberglass fittings instead of ABS, reinforced oval truss bars, and oversized aluminum feet. These changes come together to make the Ruggedized Pop-Up HD the strongest canopy shelter on the market today.

Roof material

The Ruggedized Pop-Up can be ordered with a roof made out of 600 denier polyester, or our standard Western Shelter vinyl. Booth materials are available in a variety of colors, be sure to ask your Western Shelter sales representative for a complete list of options. 

Wall panels

Optional wall panels are configurable with windows, zippered doors, or as solid pieces. Customers can mix and match different wall panel styles to fit their specific needs.

Custom printing

Planning on using your Ruggedized Pop-Up for events or marketing purposes? Ask your Western Shelter sales representative about custom digital printing options for the roof and wall panels.

Western Shelter Custom printed Pop-up tent

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