Western Shelter’s roots go back to providing shelters for fire camps in the Pacific Northwest. As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve remained true to those roots by creating shelter systems for industrial uses across the globe. From local contractors to large scale global corporations, our shelters are trusted by many in a variety of industries and applications.


Industrial Applications


Wildland Firefighting Camps

We create turnkey camp solutions for fire camp contractors. Western Shelter is able to provide it all; from command operations to power and lighting, and everything in between. Trust our 30 years of experience in the wildland firefighting industry when it comes to choosing the provider of your fire camp.


Event Support

Our products serve well at a wide-variety of events, and perform well in a variety of applications. Our shelters can be used for event medical purposes, housing, dressing rooms, and more. Custom mobility products can suit traveling events large and small.

RemoteWorkforce shelter.jpg

Remote Workforce

Sometimes the job takes your team far away from the office. We provide full, turnkey solutions dedicated to keeping your remote workforce operating efficiently. Shelters can be used to manage operations, serve as dining halls, and sleeping quarters. Shelter components such as lighting and heating can mimic the comforts of a modern day office, no matter how far away the job takes you.


Oil and Gas Exploration

The nature of hydrocarbon exploration requires certain considerations when it comes to the equipment used. Industrial entities in the oil and gas exploration field often work in less than ideal conditions in remote areas. Our quick deploying shelters are ideal for these work conditions, and additional shelter components can help those focus on the job rather than the less-than-ideal camp conditions.


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