Nuevo León Large Camp

Providing complete, turnkey solutions is one of our specialties. Western Shelter designs and produces custom camps fit to serve our customers’ needs, large and small. A great example of a complete camp solution recently was sent to the Nuevo León Protección Civil team in Monterrey, Mexico.

The camp created for the Nuevo León Protección Civil is set up for approximately 100 personnel. At its core, the camp is composed of six GateKeeper 1935 shelters, all interconnected with vestibules and other shelter additions.

shelter mexico 1
shelter set up
shelter mexico 2

Inside the GateKeeper shelters are over 60 Western Shelter Bunk Beds, as well as lighting powered by generators. The kitchen portion of the camp is operated by two Western Shelter Kitchen Carts. The Kitchen Carts are a full service mobile kitchen, containing a microwave, fridge, stove, sink, and a significant amount of storage space for kitchen utensils.

shelter interior lighting
shelter cots
shelter kitchen cart
shelter kitchen cart 2

Outside of the shelters, the camp is outfitted with several toilets, showers, and two Triple Basin Gang Field Sinks. This is supported by a Potable and Grey Water Storage Bladder and accompanying water distribution kit.

shelter toilets
shelter showers
shelter water distribution kit
shelter sinks

The camp (including HVACs, plumbing pumps, lighting, and more) is powered by Western Shelter generators and cables. The shelters are designed to aid in long-term disaster response situations, with specific shelters set up to be used as a classroom, a daycare center, a dining room, command center, and medical care area.

shelter tour