With the upcoming Army Combat Fitness Test being implemented in October 2020, it’s time to start preparing. Make sure you have everything needed to both train for and pass this fitness test when the day comes. Our ACFT Kit is composed of the highest quality fitness equipment.

features and benefits

Everything included to test the Army Combat Fitness Test

Our ACFT kit includes every piece of equipment necessary to test for the ACFT. One kit includes enough equipment for one lane of ACFT testing. Don’t bother sourcing your equipment from multiple vendors; let us take care of everything in one simple kit.

Customized to suit your battalion

Our ACFT kits are customizable. We can provide solutions to test multiple battalions of soldiers, or just a single lane. ACFT kits can be paired with our StrongBox R.S.T.S. to provide training for when the ACFT test is implemented in October 2020.

what’s included

ACFT Testing Equipment - Single Lane

  • (1) Hexagon Barbell

  • (1) Bumper Plate Pkg - 550lbs
    - (4) 10lb plates
    - (2) 15lb plates
    - (2) 25lb plates
    - (8) 45lb plates

  • (1) Barbell Collar Pair

  • (1) Nylon Sled w/ Pull Strap

  • (1) 10lb Rubber Medicine Ball

  • (2) 40lb Kettlebell

  • (1) 100ft’ Measuring Tape

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