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Containerized Shelters

Inherently easy to transport by land or sea, and extremely durable, shipping container based systems are an excellent choice for medium to long term applications. Containerized systems offer the highest level of weather resistance and can be used independently or complexed together to form larger facilities.



Building mobile medical facilities is in our DNA as a company. We know what it takes to manufacturer clean and functional systems for a wide variety of medical applications. Our offerings range from mobile clinics for rural patient outreach, to surge capacity systems, and complete mobile field hospital.


Kitchens and dining 

A hot meal prepared in a professional kitchen can go a long way towards boosting morale and productivity in the field. Our commercial grade kitchen units can be built to feed a small team, or a large camp. These systems can also be combined with our shelter offerings to form fully enclosed dining facilities.


Bathrooms and showers

Proper hygiene is essential to both the safety and the morale of your team members. Our mobile hygiene systems offer the modern convenience indoor plumbing anywhere in the world. 


Office/command and control

Western Shelter has years of experience building command and control trailers and mobile offices. These systems are not only comfortable to work in, but can also be outfitted with all of the communications equipment and technology that you need to run your operation.


Maintenance and Technical

From power generation, simple workshops and tool storage, to advanced technical facilities, our mobility platforms offer a secure means of bringing your equipment with you.



Clean clothes or sterile linens are extremely important in deployment sites and while access to laundry services is often overlooked in disaster relief situations, Western Shelter offers mobile laundry containers, with washer/dryer combination units and folding area.


Fitness and Training

Whether you are a battalion training for the ACFT or a firehouse looking for a space saving gym option, trust our container based fitness solutions to keep your crew in good physical shape year round.


Special Applications

We take great pride in our ability to meet custom specifications for unique and challenging projects. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us with the details of your mission and we will work with you to create a solution.

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