Western Shelter has built its reputation on the legendary reliability and versatility of the GateKeeper shelter line. Since our founding in 1988, this general purpose shelter series has protected people from the most severe weather conditions all over the world.

The GateKeeper is available in three standard sizes and multiple trim levels, ranging from the base shelter only to a fully insulated system complete with support equipment.

Available Products

Decon System

Fast deployment three lane, four station inflatable mass decontamination shower

3 lanes handle 3 parallel lines of casualties simultaneously

4 stations, 1 shelter: undress, detergent shower, rinse shower and redress

4 skylights eliminate need for interior lighting

Decon Shower

5’ x 5’ Single Stall Decon Shower includes rugged 14 oz. reinforced vinyl cover, clear ‘skylight’ roof and two zippered doors for entrance and exit

Compact to store and handle, easily assembled without tools

Provides maximum coverage without large volume of water



Three Stall Decon Shower

5’ x 10 ’x 6” three-compartment, freestanding, flexible fabric primary containment pool with 3/4’’ GHT drain fittings in the center shower

Undress, wash down, and redress area with or without privacy walls

Articulated mainframe and roof truss constructed of bright plated, thin wall steel with yellow powder coated finish


Individual Decon Shower

Developed to service single individual rapid response decontamination cleansing, fully inflates in 45 sec.

Separately removable curtain and water hose system for hygiene purpose

Clear windows with roll up privacy screens


Features and Benefits

Time tested ruggedness

High quality components and a weather proven design come together to make the GateKeeper one of the toughest shelters on the market. Our customers have relied upon the robustness of the GateKeeper through high winds, heavy snow, scorching heat, and bitter cold. These Shelters are also known for their ability to last through countless strike cycles and extended deployments.

Deploys without tools

A marquee feature of the GateKeeper series is that it requires no tools, ladders, or equipment to deploy. This vastly simplifies the setup process, and ensures that you never find yourself in the unfortunate, if not dangerous, situation of not being able to deploy your shelter due to missing tools.

Unmatched interoperability

GateKeeper shelters are designed from the ground up to network together through a simple connection process. This allows individual shelters to grow into much larger climate controlled structures, a capability that is ideal for medical applications where keeping patients dry and protected is critical at all times.

Designed as a system

Western Shelters function well as stand alone products, but they deliver the most value when paired with our many support systems. These shelters are designed with climate control, electrical wiring, lighting, and air distribution in mind. Be sure to ask your sales representative about our complete line of accessories and support systems. 

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