Our medical components allow responders to bring modern healthcare anywhere. Our medical components can turn a Western Shelter into a mobile field hospital, capable of operating anywhere in the world under the toughest of conditions. We also can create custom products; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we can help.

Available Products

Isolation Upgrade.jpg

Isolation Upgrade

Creates a secure environment that maintains the isolation integrity of each shelter

Available for the Vestibule Entryway, Vehicle Boot and Vestibule Connector

Fast, non-permanent installation offers maximum flexibility for use when you need it, where you need it



Bump Doors

Double acting opening motion allows for hands free operation and allows for safe passage of personnel and equipment 

Can be hung between vestibule connections to allow separation from shelter to shelter while providing easy access

Folds in half for easy storage and includes storage bag 

Medical Organizer.jpg

Medical Organizer Bag

32 mesh pouches allow for organized storage

Hangs from shelter frame or optional self-supporting stand

Unique Built-in adjustable desktop allow operator work space at the bed side or where MO bag is hung


E-Bed Medical treatment Bed.jpg

Medical Treatment Bed

Easy assembly, lightweight rust proof aluminum frame weighs 32-40 lbs

Reinforced decking with hook and loop springs provides 450 lbs working capacity

Lightweight foldable aluminum frame for stacked storage

E-Bed Medical Treatment Bed

Versatile, sturdy and durable multi-use medical treatment bed

Constructed of medical grade stainless steel for strength and durability

Adjustable backrest for patient comfort/multiple treatment needs


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