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When it comes to firefighter rehab trailers, no one in the business can compete with what Western Shelter has to offer. Our experienced team will design and build a trailer to fit your department’s needs, and follow through with on-site training to ensure your team is up to speed on using your new trailer. With both “off the shelf” rehab trailers and custom trailers available, trust us to deliver a product that will keep your first responders safe.

features and benefits

Complete rehab package

A Western Shelter rehab trailer comes complete with everything needed to comply with NFPA 1584 and keep first responders safe. Every inch of usable space in the trailer is optimized with the end user in mind; from comfortable bench seating to a rear shower and relief area. This is not just one piece of your rehab operation; this is your rehab operation.

Extremely mobile

Be on the scene and active in minutes. Due to its trailerized platform, a Western Shelter rehab trailer can be easily moved from storage to an active incident. Should winds change the smoke course or the location becomes unsafe, the trailer can be quickly moved to a new location.


Security is at the heart of this rehab trailer. A chaoctic active incident scene can be rife with security issues. All doors and storage areas on the trailer are lockable, and the interior features additional security features as well. Lockable cabinets with an exterior whiteboard mean important items can be locked away and identified behind a thick board; glass isn’t used at all.

Configurable to meet your goals

Whatever your mission may be, we can create a trailer that’s customized to help you get the job done. Whether it’s a 30+ foot trailer with additional command and control elements or a small 5 foot trailer with just the essentials, our team has experience designing and building them all. If there’s certain features or components you’re looking for in a custom rehab trailer, our team can figure out how to best incorporate them.


Common specifications

Our rehab trailers are often configured to meet the specific needs of our customers. However, many rehab trailers are typically outfitted with similar equipment and available in standard sizes:

Small (6ft x 20ft)

Medium (7ft x 14ft)

Large (8ft x 20ft)


  • 12 volt LED interior lighting

  • 15,000 BTU air conditioner (maximum for a roof unit)

  • 6,000 BTU heater

  • Removable 8′ storage bench with seat cushions, or 8′ fold down seating

  • Multifunctional 12 volt exhaust fan

  • Ceiling utility hangers (for IV bags, air masks, etc)

  • Custom thermal curtains maintain climate control while also providing privacy for responders

  • Completely washable interior surfaces simplify decon and sterilization

  • On board battery runs interior lights in the event of a power loss

  • Non-skid transition ramp and folding hand rail


  • 36in man door

  • 12 volt HO scene lighting

  • Rear loading lights

  • Adjustable turn-out gear hanging system

  • 15 amp Auxiliary outlets

  • Legless cased awning

  • Fold down stabilizing jacks


  • Seating for responders and paramedics

  • Medical supplies organizer with a hard writing surface

  • Toilet with separate privacy shelter

  • Cooler

  • Towels

  • Heavy-duty, multi-tiered cart

  • Multiple ground tarps

  • Misting fan system

  • Folding tables

  • Water cooler and cup dispenser

  • Storage totes provided for your clothing, blankets, and food/water supplies

  • Quick release tie-downs to keep all the gear secure within the cart



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