Furnishing Options

Whether you are looking to expand or upgrade your shelter system, we have a complete set of options to meet your needs. Different types of operations require different needs in furnishing your shelter. 

Please find more information on our currently available flooring options below. We also offer custom solutions if you do not see the correct unit for your operation.

Available products

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Bunk Bed

Sturdy bunk beds rated for 900lbs combined weight rating (450 lbs per level)

Comfort, mesh surface of bed conforms to the body to create a comfortable sleeping pocket for each individual

Leg stands are articulated and fold for storage


Kitchen Cart

Versatile portable kitchen has the ability to heat, microwave, wash, and refrigerate

Completely plumbed and wired for seamless integration into your existing Western Shelter water distribution system

Standalone operations with a simple garden hose connection if hot water at the tap is not required

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Asset Table

Sturdy table can support up to 800 pounds

Treated to eliminate electrostatic discharge

Interchangeable working platforms connect at different heights, widths, and lengths to provide a stable solution for almost any inspection or task


Work Station

Durable desk set holds up to 50 lbs per table top and 25 lbs per shelf

Rapidly deployable integrating directly with the internal shelter walls or your existing shelter

Station consists of a collapsible, powder coated aluminum desk and two shelves

Safety Kit

UL listed and meets or exceeds the following: UL 924, NEC, OSHA and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code requirements

Kit includes: ABC rated fire extinguisher, emergency light, lighted exit sign, smoke/carbon monoxide sensor, and case


Features and Benefits

Time tested ruggedness

High quality components and a weather proven design come together to make the GateKeeper one of the toughest shelters on the market. Our customers have relied upon the robustness of the GateKeeper through high winds, heavy snow, scorching heat, and bitter cold. These Shelters are also known for their ability to last through countless strike cycles and extended deployments.

Deploys without tools

A marquee feature of the GateKeeper series is that it requires no tools, ladders, or equipment to deploy. This vastly simplifies the setup process, and ensures that you never find yourself in the unfortunate, if not dangerous, situation of not being able to deploy your shelter due to missing tools.

Unmatched interoperability

GateKeeper shelters are designed from the ground up to network together through a simple connection process. This allows individual shelters to grow into much larger climate controlled structures, a capability that is ideal for medical applications where keeping patients dry and protected is critical at all times.

Designed as a system

Western Shelters function well as stand alone products, but they deliver the most value when paired with our many support systems. These shelters are designed with climate control, electrical wiring, lighting, and air distribution in mind. Be sure to ask your sales representative about our complete line of accessories and support systems. 

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